Department Picture

Department Picture

Welcome to SHFD - Station #14

Located in Pitt County North Carolina, Staton House is one of Twenty-One volunteer departments in the county. Our coverage area is 40.65 square miles with a population of 6,044 persons. We average 350 - 400 emergency responses per year.

A total of eight vehicles are maintained at two stations by our members. Two Engines, One Tanker, One Brush truck, a Support Truck, and a General Use vehicle are Located at Station One. One Engine and a Tanker serve at Station Two.

Our ISO Insurance rating is 6/9

         The Services we Provide Include:

  • Residential Fire Protection
  • Industrial / Commercial Fire Protection
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Wildland Fire Suppression
  • Fire Safety Education

Calendar of Events

The History of Staton House Community Fire Department

 Staton House Community Fire Department Inc. was formed soon after two tragic fires in the area. The burning of the Frank Taylor homeplace on June 8th 1960, and the destruction of a packhouse on the Wadie T. Carson farm one week later. Representatives from House Station, Staton's Mill, Mt. Pleasant, Parkers Chapel and Johns Town communities met and laid plans to purchase a fire truck and to set up a volunteer fire department on June 21st 1960.

 Ed Hemingway was elected President of the Board of directors, as well as Fire Chief. Twenty men (four from each community) were selected to be volunteer firemen.

 A truck financed by public donations was purchased from the state and equipped with a 1200 gallon tank, 100ft. of hose, a 100 gallon per minute pump, and a nozzle at a cost of $1900.00. It was decided that the truck would be located at Harry Cooke's Store.

 Staton House Fire Department became operational on July 22nd 1960, making it the first rural fire dept. in Pitt County. The first fire call that the newly formed department responded to was a house in the Greenfield Terrace subdivision (Now located in the city limits of Greenville)
 August of 1961 saw the arrival of a much needed second truck for the organization. This unit was both lighter and faster than the first truck, with an 800 gallon tank and a 100 gallon per minute front-mount pump.

The truck cost the department $2600.00, and was viewed by the members as a symbol of what could be accomplished through inter-community cooperation. It was decided that this truck would be stationed at Howard Forbes Store, allowing a truck to be within approximately 4.5 miles of all members at all times.

 June 13, 1963 the first Official fire station was built next to Howard Forbes store to house one of the trucks.
 The Department's activities were financed by public contributions and an annual BBQ dinner that was a community favorite until it's end in the early 2000's.
 Over the next several years, the department continued to grow. The fleet of vehicles had expanded to seven trucks by the early 1970's and to nine trucks by the 1990's. The Fleet currently consist of eight trucks.

 In August of 1977 Staton House Fire Department moved into its current main station and has continued to thrive with the help and support of the communities that it proudly serves.

Join our Department

 Our organization - like many others in the fire service depend on the people of our district to volunteer their time.

If you are interested in volunteering, Contact us at (252)-752-3879 or Come by the Main Station at 2501 N. Memorial Drive and get to know the good men & women of Staton House Fire & Rescue Department.
  IF you live outside of our community, Please check with Your local Fire Department.
They too may be in need of people willing to give freely of their time for a noble cause.

Corporate Board of Directors

President Wilbert Futrell  |   Vice President Mac Ross

Secretary  Rose Roebuck  |   Treasurer  Clyde Naylor

                             Chaplains   Ed Scull

Association Board of Directors

President Mac Ross  |   Vice President Wilbert Futrell

Secretary  Rose Roebuck  |   Treasurer Steve Naylor

Fireground Officers

CHIEF Steve Naylor   |    ASST. CHIEF Jimmy Harris

Captains  Phillip Latham,  Bobby Paige

Lieutenant   Clyde Naylor,  Noah Smith

Part-Paid Personel  Justin Buttitta,  Michael Hobgood,  Mervin "Tuggy" Taylor


Jeff Bell
Justin Bolduc
Jerone Coward
Dillon Eckert
Steven Harrell
Calvin Johnson
John Kepler
Frankie Lopez
David Luton
Steve Minor
Micheal Nanney

Lindsey Naylor
Ray Peaden
Gabe Phillips
Richard Pollard
James Powell
Keith Rakowski
Toby Ridenour
Austin Riggan
Reggie Roach
Robert Roach
David Roebuck

Rose Roebuck
Taylor Roebuck
Cody Ross
Mac Ross
Brody Smith
Jason Smith
Tre' Teel
Kinte Webb
Doug White
Tommy Worthington

Jr. Firefighters

Jaden Harris

Zack Johnson

Auxillary Members

Crystal Coward
Josh Corbett

Rex Fleming
Stephen Roebuck

Andrew Naylor
David Naylor

Retired Firefighters

Wilbert Futrell

John Harrell
Ed Scull

Milton Spain

Hands-Only CPR

How to use a Portable Fire Extinguisher

Music video tribute - "Wanted Dead or Alive"

Created for the 2009 Pitt-Greenville Crimestoppers Telethon
Winner of the "Most Requested Video" award

Music video tribute - "Good Bye"

Video tribute to Danny Williams

Vial of Life

        VIAL of LIFE

The Vial of Life  (VOL) program is a national program that aids First Responders by assisting them with pertinent medical information when it is needed in the time of an emergency.

Each Vial of Life Kit Includes:

There are N0 FEES or REGISTRATION REQUIRED to use this program

Kits can be picked up at the following locations:

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Presenting our

2015 Winners

$10,000.00 Grand Prize Winner    Bill Moore

$4,000.00 Runner-Up Winner    Frankie Smith

$1000.00 Winners - All names are listed alphabetically

Billy Clifton

Brandon Heath


$500.00 Winner

Chris / Crystal Godwin



$400.00 Winner

Shelton Leggett



$300.00 Winners - All names are listed alphabetically


John Perry
Marvin Gay

Morris Luton
W.R. Parker

$200.00 Winners - All names are listed alphabetically

Andrew McKinney
Annett Williams
Carlos Smith (x3)
Dave Siegler

Jeff Dunning
Kevin Lee
Kenneth Latham
Kristina McKinney
Liz Naylor

Mack Bagley
Sidney Spain
Stephen Werner
Wilbert Futrell

Gun Winners

Marlin Model 336-W .30-.30 Lever Action
Remington 870 12 gauge Shotgun
Ruger Model M-77 Hawkeye .308 Bolt
Mossberg Persuader 12 gauge Shotgun
Savage Axis package 243 with Scope
Smith   Wesson M P 15-2Rifle2
Ruger LCP 3701 .380 ACP Handgun
Stevens Security 320 12 gauge Shotgun
Thompson Center 7mm-08 Rifle
Marlin 336-W 30-30 Lever Rifle
Ruger 10-22 Rifle (Wood Stock)
Ruger American 270 Rifle
Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm Handgun
Remington 870 20 gauge Pump
Remington 700 .270 Bolt-Action
Henry H001 .22 lever Rifle

TriStar “Hunter”over/under 12 gauge Shotgun

Drew Bell
Carlos Smith
Carlos Smith
John Demary
David Flowers
Jeff Bell
Brad Hinson
Carlos Smith
Jessie Giles
Landon Heath
Keith Sharp
Mervin Taylor
Jeremy Page
John Born
Ken Manning
Bill Reicstein

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